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Our Special Services

From geriatrics and puppy and kitten care to nutritional and behavioral consultations, Brentwood Veterinary Clinic is happy to provide all the pets services you need to keep your companion healthy and happy.

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Preserve your senior pet's health with wellness exams and proactive treatment with their special needs in mind.

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Puppies & Kittens

Let us provide your new pet with the highest quality of veterinary care during their first year of life.

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Behavioral Consultations

Our animal behaviorist is ready to help you build a stronger relationship with your dog through consultations and training.

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Nutritional Consultations

The veterinarians at our facility are happy to make professional recommendations about what diet would be best for your pet!

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Encourage healing with acupuncture treatments to help restore your pet's health and vitality.

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  • Behavior Training

    With behavior training from our trained animal behaviorist at Brentwood Veterinary Clinic, we can help correct problematic, or dangerous behaviors in Brentwood pets.  Request Appointment Pet Behavior Training Just like people, our pets have their own personalities. While every dog is unique, some of their behaviors may be problema...
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  • Nutrition Counseling

    The veterinarians at Brentwood Veterinary Clinic are trained in the scientific basis of pet food diets and are happy to make professional recommendations about what diet would be best for your pet Request Appointment Expert Dietary Consultations Based on your pet's age, breed, species and health status, their dietary needs and preferences can ...
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  • Veterinary Acupuncture in Brentwood

    At Brentwood Veterinary Clinic, we provide veterinary acupuncture treatment for cats and dogs to relieve their pain and help enhance the effects of other therapeutic treatments. Request Appointment Veterinary Acupuncture for Healing & Recovery Support In traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is used as a way to promote the natural he...
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  • Geriatric Care for Pets

    Our Brentwood veterinarians want to give your pet the healthiest life possible by providing comprehensive geriatric care as they age to keep them comfortable and happy. Request Appointment Geriatric Care for Senior Dogs & Cats Your pet's health doesn't need to decline as they age, with routine preventive care and ear...
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  • Puppy & Kitten Veterinarian in Brentwood

    At Brentwood Veterinary Clinic we provide our clients with expert advice, guidance, and quality veterinary care when you bring your new puppy or kitten home. Request Appointment Veterinary Care for Puppies & Kittens Your new puppy or kitten already knows how to put a smile on everyone's face, and you will never forget the day you bring the...
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New Patients Welcome

Brentwood Veterinary Clinic is happily welcoming new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Brentwood pets. Get in touch today to book your cat or dog's first appointment.

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