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Meet Our Veterinarians

The caring and highly skilled veterinarians and veterinary technicians at Brentwood Veterinary Clinic are always hard at work to provide exceptional care to pets and their humans.

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Dr. Kelsey Gapstur, Brentwood Veterinarian

Dr. Kelsey Gapstur

Dr. Kelsey Gapstur is a veterinarian in Brentwood who has a certification in veterinary acupuncture. She has a particular interest in internal medicine and soft tissue surgery.

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Dr. Michelle Kincaid, Brentwood Veterinarian

Dr. Michelle (Buitrago) Kincaid

Dr. Michelle (Buitrago) Kincaid is a veterinarian in Brentwood whose main medical areas of interest are internal medicine, neurology, and preventative medicine.

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Dr. Bailey Butts, Brentwood Veterinarian

Dr. Bailey Butts

Dr. Bailey Buttsis a veterinarian in Brentwood.

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New Patients Welcome

Brentwood Veterinary Clinic is happily welcoming new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Brentwood pets. Get in touch today to book your cat or dog's first appointment.

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